Beating the Roulette Wheel is Not Easy

When you walk into a live casino or start playing casino online, one of the things that you carry in your subconscious mind is the thought that you can win in one of your games after a certain number of rounds or you’ve played a certain amount of coins already on the slots.

This is one of the biggest lies you can ever believe about gambling. If you’re playing card games, skills and mastery of the game are what can make you win. In the slots, roulette and other similar games, you win by sheer luck and chance. Take the Roulette for instance, the probabilities of black turning up after several consecutive red turns, are very slim. You cannot predict where the ball will land – that is until a group of people tried on a theory about beating the Roulette wheel.

A couple of years back, there was a group of gamblers who tried to beat the Roulette wheel with the help of their mobile phones. They used this technology to help them predict where the ball will land next. Their predictions were about 90% accurate all the time.

After two nights of playing, they were literally millionaires already – until they got busted. Apparently, they had several mobile phones with them and these are placed with a certain kind of software that will help them approximate where the ball will land next.

If the casino security didn’t notice them looking at their phones one too many times, they could have gotten away with it. This shows that possibly, there is a way to beat the wheel but not without a price. But relying on your own calculations alone and surmising the outcome on your own cannot possibly tell you what numbers will win next. You can keep guessing but there is no definite way to know for sure what number and color the ball will choose next.

It took a sophisticated kind of technological hullabaloo to help these players outwit the Roulette. Unfortunately, they weren’t smart enough after all, to beat the casino’s security.

So the next time you walk into a casino or decide to play online Roulette, be ready to lose a few bucks way into your game. The only way for you to win is to listen to your intuition and hope that you heard right. Other than that, you can only keep your fingers crossed when playing your online Roulette and hope that Lady Luck is on your side.